One Health refers to the concept that true health is the existence of a mutually close relationship between people, animals, and the environment, and putting these into a good state in an integrated manner. Common issues for all humanity, such as the environment, food supplies, and infectious diseases have come into focus with the acceleration of globalisation and the increase in the global population. In order to overcome these kinds of issues, an interdisciplinary approach on a global scale is being sought from the point of view of ‘One World, One Health’. In this lecture, expert teachers from a broad range of fields will be invited, and we will consider what kinds of things are going to be required going forward in order to construct a healthy and sustainable society, keeping the concept of One Health in mind.

The concept of One Health and disease as a cultural phenomenon

Lecture1 9/28

Takeshi Haga (Faculty of Agriculture) /Shinji Kajitani (College of Arts and Sciences)

The infectious diseases of aquatic animals and human society

Lecture2 10/5

Naoki Ito (Faculty of Agriculture)

Activities of international organisations to protect human and animal health

Lecture3 10/12

Hirofumi Kugita (World Organisation for Animal health(OIE), Regional Representation for Asia and the Pacific)

Neglected tropical diseases

Lecture4 10/19

Yoshitsugu Matsumoto (Faculty of Agriculture)

From the point of view of nutritional epidemiology

Lecture5 10/26

Satoshi Sasaki (Faculty of Medicine)

Mental health of the individual and society

Lecture6 11/2

Kiyoto Kasai (Faculty of Medicine)

Companion animal and human society

Lecture7 11/9

Nobuo Sasaki (Faculty of Agriculture, Honorary Prof.)

Next generation healthcare through mechano-bioengineering

Lecture8 11/30

Shu Takagi (Faculty of Engineering)

How can we work together for One Health?

Lecture9 12/7

Masamine Jimba (Faculty of Medicine)

Flora and fauna resources in history: Economic perspective

Lecture10 12/14

Masayuki Tanimoto (Faculty of Economics)

Risk/communication, disasters, and One Health

Lecture11 12/21

Naoya Sekiya (Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies)

The social nature of the human mind

Lecture12 12/25

Tatsuya Kameda (Faculty of Letters)

From the perspective of international administration

Lecture13 1/11

Hideaki Shiroyama (Policy Alternatives Research Institute)